15 London Street Foods Every Traveller Should Try

15 London Street Foods Every Traveller Should Try

Visiting London? I bet you will want to seek out the best of London street foods. London food markets are hard to count on just one hand. From East to West and North to South food stalls and farmers markets have become a must for Londoners. The British food scene has in itself amazing produce to offer, be it traditional fish and chips or roast hog with applesauce butties. What to expect from the real London food scene though? Foods from all over the world. You can find them just around the corner from where you are, perfect for a quick on the go lunch. Here are 15 London street foods we have picked out for you.

  1. Salt and pepper squid with sweet potatoes

    Salt and pepper squid with sweet potatoes

    Fish and chips are definitely a must, but how about squid? There are amazing stalls that offer the traditional fish and chips and many delicious variations. Salt and pepper Squid is just one of them. It comes with delicious sweet potato fries and a great aioli.

  2. Oysters


    Freshly sourced oysters are not hard to find in London. Almost a classic with the London food scene you will be spoiled for choice. A most famous place for oysters is Borough Market with families being in the oyster trade not just for years, but generations. Get your lemon and sauces ready for true raw delights.

  3. Scotch eggs at scotch tails

    Scotch eggs at scotch tails

    Scotch eggs are undoubtedly a British favourite. Hardboiled egg covered with sausage meat and rolled in breadcrumbs, yummy! But who said sausage meat is the only ingredient you can cover a good scotch egg? Modern combinations have been added to this classic, think of beetroot and lentils or tomato-basil combos.

  4. Japanese takoyaki snacks – octopus fritters

    Japanese takoyaki snacks – octopus fritters

    When you venture down the Brick lane, keep an eye out for the Japanese stalls. They make takoyaki, traditional Japanese street food made of octopus that resembles croquette. Moist, delicate and scrumptious.

  5. Salt beef bagels

    Salt beef bagels

    How about a traditional salt beef bagel? The buns are freshly made and the filling has a tried and tested recipe that Londoners love and keep on going for it again and again. The best spot, at Brick Lane.

  6. Athenian souvlaki, just like in Athens

    Athenian souvlaki, just like in Athens

    Have you ever visited Greece? Be it Athens or one of the sun-kissed islands you definitely have tried a souvlaki wrap. You can find exactly the same at the Athenian in Box Park. The most favourite is chicken gyros wrap and if you fancy a side, there are great tomato and courgette fritters. Just like you would have them at a Greek tavern. They have stalls in Box Park and South Bank food market.

  7. Paella


    If you seek a taste of Spain there are numerous tapas bars all over London. One of the best seafood paellas, however, is to be found at Borough market. Don’t forget to complement with a glass of sangria.

  8. Roast hog with applesauce

    Roast hog with applesauce

    Here is another beloved London street food. I hope you are hungry like a wolf because the classic hog roast sandwiches come loaded with shavings of slowly roasted hog and delicious applesauce. Easy to find at any market, especially Borough.

  9. Steak and chips

    Steak and chips

    You can think of nothing better than a straightforward steak? You will get sorted at Steak and Chips. Steaks are freshly grilled to your liking, served on warm French fries and accompanied by the sauce of choice. Simply finger linking. You can find an excellent stall at Maltby Street market

  10. Bokit


    This is a sandwich that comes all the way from Guadalupe. It’s bokit, a French Caribbean specialty You can enjoy a freshly cooked ban stuffed with chicken, salt-fish or aubergine. This stall rotates in many of the most popular markets, Brixton, Oval, Alexandra Palace, and Hammersmith.

  11. Falafel


    Mediterranean cuisine is certainly popular in London. When it comes to street food, falafel wraps have become an institution, especially amongst vegans. Be aware your wrap will most certainly explode with yumminess and a super healthy dose of salad.

  12. Indonesian rendang

    Indonesian rendang

    Have you ever dreamed of a bowl of full of tasty goodness, hearty rice and a refreshingly spicy salad?  Then Indonesian rendang is exactly what you need and you can find it at Bang Bang Oriental food market. Not in central London but if you crave a true taste of oriental dishes this is a must-go market.

  13. Korean fried chicken

    Korean fried chicken

    Grab extra napkins! This finger food will leave you craving for more. Korean sweet and spicy fried chicken is more than you have hoped for when it comes to Oriental street food. Feel free to share the hipped plate or just enjoy all by yourself. (Bang Bang Oriental food market)

  14. Pizza, Well kneaded

    Pizza, Well kneaded

    How can a pizza be excellent pizza? The great dough, of course, complemented with scrumptious toppings. At Well kneaded there is a wood oven and a sourdough base to make it extra special. The ingredients are sourced from artisan British producers.

  15. Sushi burger

    Sushi burger

    An innovative stall that guarantees to save the world from boredom: Sticky Bundits. You can find Fusion rice burgers with great Asian filling like slow-cooked pork belly or fried tofu with Asian basil chutney.

You will find scattered food stalls throughout London. From the well-known markets to the hideaway daily farmer markets, cheap foodie alternatives are just around the corner. Remember stalls never stall – seek out the next best London food.