25 Tasty and Pretty Sandwiches For Your Next Tea Party

Are you looking forward to Tea time? You most definitely will after you see our collection of sandwiches. Tea party sandwiches require minimal effort but they can be a real winner when you host a party at your home. There are classic fillings, such as salmon and cream cheese that can never go wrong. There are also wonderful combinations that can surprise your guests and nurture both a great conversation and huge appetites for something rather different. Get your finest china ready, pour in the herbals teas and let the sandwiches roll out.

The classics

  1. Egg and watercress sandwich

    Egg and watercress sandwich

    Works well with brown or white bread and it’s a safe option for delicate pallets.

  2. Cucumber sandwich

    Cucumber sandwich

    A light spread of butter ideal to complement your mint tea. Remember to slice your cucumbers as fine as possible.

  3. Tuna salad with celery

    Tuna salad with celery

    Tuna salad is as refreshing as it is filling, often the best hit.

  4. Smoked salmon with cucumber and dill

    Smoked salmon with cucumber and dill

    Also a winner, smoked salmon is a fuss free filling that can do wonders with a bit of freshly ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

  5. Roast beef and blue cheese

    Roast beef and blue cheese

    A hearty meal in tiny morsels. If you don’t fancy beef you can keep the blue cheese with a few chopped walnuts.

  6. Cheese and pickle

    Cheese and pickle

    For a rustic version get some sharp cheddar and a thick ploughman style pickle. You can definitely include your own if you have been pickling.

The modern tea sandwiches

Modern tea sandwiches can be as fun and as imaginative as you. The best is to grab a handful of favourite ingredients and be playful. Cheese and jam is as great a combination as is cheese with pickles or chutneys. You can keep it fresher by adding fresh fruit. No need to include butter or cream cheese as a base, replace it with your favourite sauce such as pesto or Greek yogurt for a healthier alternative. Remember, a tea party doesn’t need to be a carb fest as well.

  1. Pesto chicken

    Pesto chicken

    Mix a tablespoon of pesto with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and top with sliced chicken breasts.

  2. Bresaola & artichoke

    Bresaola and artichoke

    Get some artichoke hearts from a jar and finely chop. Use the chopped artichokes as your base and top with bresaola.

  3. Manchego & Quince paste

    Manchego and Quince paste

    Spread a bit of quince paste and top with manchego cheese. It’s greatly complemented with almonds.

  4. Prosciutto & fig

    Prosciutto and fig

    Quarter some ripe figs and place on your bread of choice. When ripe, figs are as good as jam, top with prosciutto slivers and drizzle with olive oil.

  5. Eggplant & Greek yoghourt

    Eggplant and Greek yoghourt

    Almost like babaganoush Slice your eggplants and lightly grill, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper; add finely chopped mint leaves in the yogurt and place on top. You can use pita breads instead of traditional bread as well.

  6. Grilled vegetables with herbs

    Grilled vegetables with herbs

    Nothing easier than layers of crunchy, lightly roasted vegetables with a good olive oil. Zucchini and aubergines are great, so are peppers.

  7. Spinach with feta spread

    Spinach with feta spread

    Mix some feta with Greek yogurt to get a paste and layer it with fresh baby spinach leaves.

  8. Olive pate with sundried tomatoes & pine nuts

    Olive pate with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts

    Get the tastiest Kalamata olive pate you can get, you can serve it on a fresh baguette on its own but adding sundried tomatoes and a few pine nuts will give it a special touch.

  9. Mozzarella tomato & basil

    This should probably be in the classics, nothing beats a caprese and it goes wonderfully on sliced baguette. Don’t be afraid to leave it on its own as a healthier alternative.

  10. Zucchini lemon and smoked anchovies

    Grate your zucchini and leave it in lemon juice for 30 minutes. Squeeze out any excess moisture and layer on your bread of choice with smoked anchovy fillets.

  11. Red pepper hummus with chive

    It is as simple as it sounds, peppery and refreshing at once.

  12. Ham with brie & apple

    Alternate finely sliced deli ham with brie slices and apple.

  13. Beetroot and pistachio and chervil

    You can either finely chop your beetroot or slice it thinly with the help of a mandolin. Either way it works great with crushed pistachios and fresh chervil leaves.

  14. Rocket leaves with parmesan

    A very simple yet satisfying combination.

  15. Avocado with pumpkin seeds

    As healthy as it gets, great on rye bread as well. Do add your favourite herbs, cilantro and mint go amazingly well, so are sesame or poppy seeds.

  16. Carrot with raisins

    Grate your carrot and let it sit in lemon juice for around 30 minutes, mix with raisins and walnuts and add to your sandwich just before serving time.

  17. Ricotta orange

    This filling could almost count as dessert. Soft and creamy ricotta is excellent as a base and you can use your favourite marmalade or chop fresh oranges and add it on with a bit of thyme honey.

  18. Mascarpone, strawberries and basil

    Another one for those with a sweet tooth. It is as easy as it sounds and it can count as dessert too. If your strawberries are not too sweet, top with a bit of brown sugar.

  19. Blueberry with chocolate spread

    this might remind you of breakfast but there is nothing stopping you of having a sweet bite in the afternoon.

Enjoy tea time and hopefully one of your favourite sandwich is there!