5 Tips in Choosing the Right Food on a Kid’s Birthday Party

While you were a kid, what were some of the things that you were always excited about? Summer holidays, games, cartoons and your big day. Birthday parties, especially when you are a kid, are full of fun and excitement. It brings friends and family members together. So, you want to plan the perfect birthday party for your kid? You have sent out the invitations, finalised the location and even the theme. But, what about food? Here are five tips for choosing the right birthday food dishes for your kid’s birthday party.

How to choose the right birthday cake

How to choose the right birthday cake

Kids are most excited about their birthday cakes. Other birthday food dishes are secondary for them. And, nowadays, cakes come in all sizes, shapes and flavours. For example, anti-gravity cakes are in vogue right now. Brainstorm before baking or ordering the birthday cake. There are three key factors – appearance, size and flavour. The appearance of the cake can be based on your kid’s favourite cartoon, sports team or hobby. Its size depends on the number of invitees. And, the flavour is again down to your kid’s preference.

Bonus tip: It is nice to surprise your kids with the cake. But, you don’t want to disappoint them either, therefore, ask them what is their idea of the perfect cake.

Kids meal – Smaller the better

Smaller the better

Your kids birthday party can be a mess if you don’t select the kids meal carefully. Avoid large portions and dishes that require cutlery like pasta, salads and pies. Stick to finger foods such as fries, veggies with dip, sandwiches and mini bagels. Some of the other popular dishes among kids are mini hot dogs, honey joys, potato wedges, sausage rolls, pizza pops, mini pancake stacks and deviled eggs.

Have you invited parents as well as kids? If yes, then you will have to prepare main dishes for the adults. One-pot dishes such as pasta, paella, biryani, lasagne and pies are all easy to make and are also crowd favourites.

Bonus tip: Focus on healthy food dishes such as fruit skewers, veggie sandwiches and salads.

Dietary restrictions and allergies

Dietary restrictions and allergies

Ask the parents of all the kids you are going to invite if their kids have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Be very careful what you serve to kids with dietary restrictions and allergies. Tell them in advance if there are certain items on the menu that they must avoid. And, keep a watchful eye on them as they might be tempted to eat something that they should not.

Desserts – The lifeline of the party

Show me a kid that doesn’t love desserts. We are all born with a sweet tooth. Serve your kid’s favourite desserts along with some popular ones like chocolate clusters, doughnuts, cupcakes and puddings. Of course, no kid will ever say no to ice cream. Avoid ice cream cones as they can be messy. If possible, serve healthier dessert alternatives like Fruits Wrapped In Chocolate, Chocolate-Dipped Bananas, Oatmeal Cookies, Peanut Butter Bars etc.

Bonus tip: Serve some non-dairy dessert for kids who can’t take dairy.

Schedule and portions

Schedule and portions;

Kids love to eat throughout the party. Therefore, create a schedule of all the items you will be serving. Start with finger foods followed by main dishes and dessert. Keep one or two starters available throughout the party. Fries, fruits or veggies with dips are all good options. It is best to keep portion sizes small.

Write the schedule down and prepare everything accordingly so you can enjoy the party with the kids. If possible, ask someone to help you prepare, organise and serve the food.

Bonus tip: Keep lots of paper napkins and hand it out to kids with everything you serve.