Reasons Why London is the World’s Food Capital

Reasons why London is the world’s food capital

Food in London is probably some of the best you have ever tasted. Do you think I boost? Not for a mere second. The reason is rather simple: London is a multicultural hub and so is its cuisine. There is food for every taste, for every budget and for absolutely every occasion. Diversity makes for a great food scene and it will certainly titillate your taste buds. But how come this came about? Let’s have a look at the many little things that has put together a mosaic of the tastiest food scenes in the world.

It’s ethnic

Ethnic Food

There is hardly a cuisine London has not tasted. British cuisine offers flaky fish and chips with salt and vinegar as well as scrumptious teas and scones but it has also embraced many different cuisines. There are fragrant Indian curries and lassis to wash down a spicy meal. Chinese food goes beyond China town and it has typical Chinese cuisine from all corners of the country. Brazil has brought over its wonderful grills, how could rodizio be missing? Japan has pushed forward with healthy broths and of course sushi, it is a rather serious deal when you are after a healthy lunch. Italians have brought over alfresco dining which is going to stay regardless the weather. French carried along their wines and their love for delicatessen.  And please stop me here because this list could go on forever.

In London, every single country finds the opportunity to celebrate its cuisine. Some foods appear as simple necessity, to cover the foodie needs of expats. People do take their food with them no matter where they go and their cuisine flourishes. If it’s a good thing it takes root in different places, too. London neighbourhoods teem with small, specialty food stores, long gone are the days that British cuisine was associated with unadventurousness. We have the Londoners to thank for that, their openness to different cultures brought over different tastes and made them feel at home.

Young talent

Young talent

It’s not just the flavours, it is also the people. London is a magnet for young people pursuing their career both within the country and from abroad. It’s these vibrant London vibes that manifest themselves in the food business too. We talked about ethnic cuisine, along with delis and food stores, there are of course restaurants with very talented chefs that pump in a fair amount of originality alongside quality.

The food scene has flourished as newcomers and locals meet in food, any type of food, both behind and in front of the counters. It’s not just beer o’clock after work, it’s wine and mezze or cocktails. If you work in the City, you will probably go check the new tasting menu at Michelin restaurants. Food in London has become an experience and time well spent with friends and family.

And how about the weekend?  Well foodie options are endless, but two seem to be the most popular: discover the next stall at the open-air markets or check out the new gastropub for Sunday lunch. When we talk about Sunday lunch, we certainly don’t mean just the typical Sunday roast, pubs have come up with some of the most creative and of course delicious menus in town.

Sustainable living & local produce

Sustainable living

Food in London has also become healthier as people are in the lookout for more sustainable ways of living. The focus is now on small, local producers. You can find them in local food stores, in markets and some of their excellent products have made their way into supermarkets, too. It’s great to see artisanal, great quality and sustainably created products hitting the high street.  The healthy food movement has also taken root with an outstanding number of excellent restaurants. There is fast food, but with many healthier options, vegetarianism and veganism are here to stay. For every burger you can grab, there are also two new salads to feed a hungry Londoner.

Fairtrade has always been a big thing in London. As we look into more sustainable ways of living, this has expanded to many businesses that offer eco-friendly food and great artisanal products produced locally. Be it a local brewer or one of the many great coffee roasters, food and drink experiences in London become more environmentally friendly driving the quality standards even higher and promising a great taste experience. 

Food in London has never been more colourful, ethnic or healthy. The adventurous taste buds of Londoners urge them to keep on exploring new tastes thus boosting ethnic cuisine and pushing chefs’ creativity for new flavours all the while maintaining a very ethical approach to food sourcing and delving into healthier options to satisfy their hunger. So what meal will you be after on your next visit to London?