10 Ways To Enjoy French Toast That You Never Knew Existed

French toast is such an easy recipe that resourcefully combines eggs, milk and bread to make an exquisite breakfast or sweet treat with your afternoon tea. However, after you have mastered how to make French toast, you might be ready to up your game. You want to get creative and take French toast to new heights. French toast is such a basic recipe that it can take on various additional ingredients. That’s why we found these 10 ways to enjoy French toast that you never knew existed.

  1. Nutella Bacon Stuffed French Toast

    What could be better than putting the two naughtiest foods together for the ultimate taste bud explosion? Everybody loves bacon and Nutella, although there are some who are too shy to say it. The mix of salty with sweet will have you hooked in an instant. We must admit that this is not the healthiest way to dress up your French toast recipe, but it could be the yummiest. If you are feeling invincible, pour some maple syrup on top. Let us stop teasing you and give you the recipe here.

  2. French Toast Bowls

    This is such an awesome twist to a boring bowl of cereal in the mornings. Certainly, its full of the richness a traditional French toast has and that you have come to expect as well as love. However, topping this bowl of lusciously butter and egg soaked bread with healthy berries will make you feel less guilty digging your fork into this slice of culinary heaven. Give this recipe for French toast bowls a go and let us know how they turned out.

  3. French Toast With Peaches And Ice Cream

    When the summer season hits you like a big rock, it’s time to whip up this delicious breakfast treat. Peaches are in their element in the hotter months, so it’s a great way to use up all the peaches you got from the market. Adding that scoop of vanilla ice-cream just lifts this dish. A classic ingredient pair that will never disappoint you. If it’s the dead of winter, you can still use tin peaches to make this tasty French toast with peaches and ice-cream recipe.

  4. Creme Brulee French Toast Bake

    This just makes our hearts skip a beat. Although the French aren’t the politest, are responsible for Napoléon and think they are better than us Brits – they do two things very well. French toast, of course, and creme brûlée. Put them together and you have heaven on earth. Once you bite into this creme brûlée French toast bake, you will have a soft spot for the French.

  5. Cannoli Stuffed French Toast

    After a trip to the country shaped like footwear, you might be missing some of their famous treats. Trying this combination of the Italian dessert with fluffy French toast could get you into some political trouble, but it’s so worth it. When two countries with excellent cuisine join forces you get this amazing French toast.

  6. Churro French Toast

    Speaking about countries coming together to make the French toast world a better place. Somebody married the Spanish treat Churros with French toast and they came up with this. A perfect formula for French toast lovers who like their bread on the crispier side.

  7. Hot Chocolate French Toast

    We didn’t forget the chocoholics across the globe. Imagine French toast drowned in hot chocolate. You can’t, but you hope it’s true. It’s a legitimate fact that this hot chocolate French toast recipe exists. However, it’s totally up to you whether you want to have it for dessert or breakfast. Either way, we won’t judge you. All we can say to those of you who try this recipe, is that you have a good eye for epic grub.

  8. S’more Stuffed French Toast

    A s’more is a common night time campfire treat that campers cook up in their campfire. They roast a marshmallow, get a piece of chocolate and sandwich them between two graham crackers. It sounds very basic, but it’s very tasty. A genius created this s’more stuffed French toast recipe. The French might look at this twist of their national dish with disdain, but it’s absolutely fabulous.

  9. Baked Egg French Toast

    Maybe your sweet tooth isn’t calling your name? However, a spot of French toast could really make your day. Here’s a recipe for baked egg French toast. If the sweet tooth calls you after you plate this delicious recipe, just add some maple syrup to answer to its demands.

  10. Baked Chai Spiced French Toast

    If you are looking for something exotic to add to your French toast, you should try this baked chai spiced French toast recipe. So, if you find your mornings are dull and mundane, add some spice with this avant garde French toast recipe.