Aurora Indica Strain Review – Powerful Indica Marijuana Effect with Great Value

Aurora Indica is a fairly well known F1 hybrid cannabis strain that is extremely profitable for growers. Like its beautiful name, Aurora Indica offers great effects and high value. This cannabis strain will certainly not disappoint smokers with its Indica effects and unique taste.

This is also a cannabis strain worth trying for beginner growers. Don’t worry because we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this cannabis strain in the Aurora Indica strain review article below. Hope it helps your crop.

Aurora Indica Origins

The origins of Aurora Indica have been published in detail, and nothing more needs to be studied about its parent cannabis strain. Aurora Indica is a cross between two popular cannabis strains, Northern Lights and Afghani. These two parent strains are both used to produce the most F1 hybrids and they are both renowned for their quality genetics.

Aurora Indica is one of the special hybrid cannabis strains when its genetics are 90% Indica, the remaining 10% are Sativa genetics. That’s why so many seasoned smokers love its powerful effects on the body.

It was the Nirvana Seeds breeder who combined the best genetics of the two parent cannabis strains, but made the effects of Aurora Indica the most special. While keeping the good qualities related to vitality as well as delicious taste.

Aurora Indica Effects

As we mentioned, the effects of Aurora Indica are quite different from its parent strain. Instead of focusing on mental effects like Northern Lights and Afghani, Aurora Indica will bring a strong physical effect to the smoker.

Initially, the effect of Aurora Indica is quite gentle and calming. The feeling of lightheadedness and calm will slowly deepen and make you forget all your troubles. In this moment, you will feel your mind being filled with unique thoughts, effects, like the aurora circling in your mind.

Your body will be completely relaxed, muscle spasms will gradually be eliminated. You will remain in this state of deep relaxation, calm, and may gradually fall into a sound sleep. This state is quite dreamy and maybe when you wake up, you won’t remember anything.

Aurora Indica Fragrance & Flavors

Aurora Indica’s name suggests not only great effects, beautiful appearance but also delicious taste. The scent of this cannabis strain is a combination of the sweetness of fruit (mango to be exact), the aroma of lavender and the relaxing smell of the earth. These ingredients create a very personal, very unique fragrance that you can only find in Aurora Indica.

With the initial puffs of fine smoke, the smokers will recognize the slightly spicy and pungent taste. However, hidden deep in it is a very delicious, and seductive sweetness. The more you smoke, the stronger the sweetness and pungent will be and this change is never boring.

Aurora Indica Medical

Aurora Indica not only has recreational value, but this cannabis strain also possesses high medical value. This cannabis strain is more about effects for the body than for the mind, which is an effect typical of Indica genetics. This cannabis strain works great for patients with muscle spasms, and some other chronic pain.

After a tiring day of work, your body has become exhausted, then Aurora Indica will be a good treatment for you to rest with a relaxed body and mind. In addition, Aurora Indica has a sedative effect, so you may fall asleep while relaxing. Patients suffering from insomnia will get a lot of help from this cannabis strain.

In addition, patients with depression and other anxiety disorders will also find Aurora Indica helpful. It will help eliminate anxiety, stress and replace it with happiness and excitement. This cannabis strain doesn’t lock you to the couch, but we still recommend it in the evening.

Aurora Indica Growing & Yield

Aurora Indica has the appearance of a typical Indica tree. Aurora Indica seeds will grow into plants that are not very tall, but have many branches, tend to grow bushy. That is why this cannabis strain is also suitable for beginner growers. This size is easy to control and take care of.

Aurora Indica seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Growing indoors is easier to control, so inexperienced growers can grow Aurora Indica seeds indoors. This cannabis strain inherits the strong vitality of its parent strain, so it does not need growers to take too special care. As long as provide enough light, proper nutrition and moisture.

The advantage of growing Aurora Indica seeds outdoors is its size and “invisible properties”. The plant is neither tall nor large, so growers can easily hide it from prying eyes from neighbors. Besides, it also does not emit any strong scent so that passersby cannot detect the existence of a cannabis plant.

The best climate for growing Aurora Indica seeds outdoors is the Mediterranean climate. This plant loves sunshine and warm temperatures, it will grow best under these climates.

Because plants tend to be dense, growers need to pay attention to pruning to avoid plants being attacked by mold and pests. And also, early SOG method will be very helpful for your crop.

With good care, growers can harvest high yields with very thick and quality buds. Indoor yield will be around 14 ounces of buds, while outdoor yield will be at 14 ounces/plant.

Where to Buy Aurora Indica Cannabis Seeds?

Aurora Indica seed is not difficult to buy as it is available at most online seed banks. However a lot of growers make the mistake of ordering Aurora Indica cannabis seeds at some scam seed banks.

With that in mind, we will recommend to beginner growers some reputable online seed banks that provide the best quality Aurora Indica varieties.–news-236170