BC Bud Depot Review: Pros, Cons, Phone Number & More

I know there are many places to buy cannabis seeds, but one place that has been gaining popularity is BC Bud Depot, which also has a good reputation. However, are they actually worth buying seeds from? Read my BC Bud Depot review to learn about pros and cons of going through them, as well as other important info such as their contact info, prices and more.

The Pros

BC Bud Depot is one of the top places to buy marijuana seeds from. It’s no secret why, as there are many pros associated with doing business with them. A few of them include:

  • . The company has won over two dozen Cannabis Awards. This is worth noting because it means BC Bud Depot is doing something right.
  • . BC Bud Depot’s seeds have an impressive germination rate. In fact, I love that their germination rate is 90%, and this is a guarantee from the company.
  • . There are over 500 strains customers can choose from. Every single strain they offer is of high quality.
  • . There’s no need to worry about shipping because BC Bud Depot guarantees shipping.

Those are only a handful of good things about the company. Personally, I think it’s easy to see why BC Bud Depot is a highly rated place to buy seeds from.

The Cons

Although I’m a fan of BC Bud Depot, there’s a few cons I want everyone to be aware of. They are:

. There’s actually not that many reviews out there about BC Bud Depot. This is surprising because the company is popular and they continue to gain popularity. Nonetheless, there’s only a small number of customer reviews.

. When compared to other places that sell seeds, BC Bud Depot is quite expensive. I’d actually go as far as saying their seeds are some of the most expensive around, but bear in mind you do get a lot for your money.

. Finally, BC Bud Depot doesn’t have many promotions. Every now and then they’ll have a special going on. For the most part, customers can expect to pay full price for their products.

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank: Products & Selection

BC Bud Depot sells a ton of products. This includes CBD seeds and feminized seeds. Other seeds include DNA Genetics Seeds, Scorpion Crew Seeds and various Limited Edition seeds. At the time of this writing, they over over 500 seeds for sale.

A few examples of what BC Bud Depot has to offer includes:

  • 1. BC Bud Depot The Black- These seeds typically begin flowering indoors within 8-10 weeks, and they produce marijuana that has a sweet narcotic taste. The best thing about The Black is it providers users with an instant high.
  • 2. BC Bud Depot The Purps- The Purps is considered to be one of the top strains in the world. The buds are dank, and the high users get from them is unbelievable. In fact, there is absolutely zero burnout factor, which means the uplifting high will last for a longtime and the user won’t feel tired after the high wears off.
  • 3. BC Bud Depot Blueberry- It takes around 8 weeks for these seeds to flower. Once they do, the plant will eventually turn to a lavender blue. The end result is bud that tastes like blueberry. Not only does it taste great, but the high is described as pleasant and long-lasting.
  • 4. BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies- Another popular product from BC Bud Depot is the Girl Scout Cookies strain, which has a chocolate mint taste to it, hence the name. I love these because they are perfect for to help with an array of conditions, such as inflammation, depression, anxiety and pain. Bear in mind that these are indoor plants, while the previously discussed ones are outdoors and/or indoors.
  • 5. Other BC Bud Depot Outdoor Seeds- When it comes to outdoor seeds, BC Bud Depot offers an incredible selection. Besides the previously mentioned outdoor seeds, there are dozens and dozens more. Furthermore, BC Bud Depot autoflower selection is impressive too.


One thing I want to point out is the prices. In my opinion, all of the company’s products are priced fairly. However, there are many people who think or will think that prices could be a little bit lower.

Remember, people are paying high prices for seeds because BC Bud Depot is known for seeds that are of high quality, and their products’ germination rates are high.

BC Bud Depot Contact Info & Customer Service

BC Bud Depot phone number is 1-888-402-2283. However, the team at BC Bud Depot recommends using their ticket system if a person has an account with them. If a customer or anyone else needs to get in touch with customer support, but they don’t have an account, then they can call the number or email them at [email protected]

BC Bud Depot Location Info

At the time of this writing, BC Bud Depot has no physical retail stores. Products can either be purchased online or at a number of wholesalers located throughout the United Kingdom, California, Washington State, Austria and Canada.

BC Bud Depot Review: Final Verdict

My final verdict is BC Bud Depot gets a five out of five stars. Although the prices might be a bit on the high side, I still highly recommend buying from them. It’s very easy to order seeds from BC Bud Depot, and the selection of products is impressive. Go ahead and check them out today to see what they offer.