Can you use a candy thermometer in the oven?

Not all oven thermometers give accurate readings. I realized that there is a difference between what my oven is set to and what an oven thermometer shows. So, I’m not sure how to determine whether my thermometer is accurate. And I was looking for a thermometer to check the accuracy of my oven.

Candy thermometer is very useful tool in the kitchen for everyone who love to cook and enjoin sweet treats like candy or cakes. It is essential to get the right temperature of the sugar liquid on the stove. I wonder that if I can use candy thermometer to test the temperature in the oven.

#1 What is temperature range of candy thermometer?

Candy thermometers are not strange to us anymore. It plays in important role in the stages of cooking sugar process. Candy thermometer even show you the thermometer level of each stage such as hard ball stage, prim ball stage, softball stage and threat stage. With a candy thermometer you can know exactly when you need to stop boiling sugar to get the right consistency.

Due to best candy thermometer wirecutter, candy involves cooking sugar as high as 300 F, and deep-frying requires oil to be 375 F and hotter. Therefore, on average, the temperature ranges of candy thermometers available are from 100°F (37°C) to 400°F (205°C).

#2 Should we use a candy thermometer as an oven thermometer?

Oven thermometers are not a reliable measure of the real temperature inside your oven. When you set your oven to 350 F or 400 F, it could be anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees higher or lower than that. As you know the range temperature of candy thermometers is about 100°F to 400°F. So I do not think that a candy thermometer should be placed in an oven.

Moreover, the candy thermometer uses only the bottom part to measure the heat from the liquid, which are often made from glass. The glass body pf candy thermometer can be broken easily when it is in a swift changing condition of an oven. If you want to check the oven temperature, I would like to recommend you should use a specialized tool instead.