Critical Plus Strain Effects & Review – All-in-one Cannabis Strain with Balanced Mind & Body Experience

Critical Plus weed is a popular hybrid cannabis strain from Dinafem Seeds in Spain, and it has a large foreign following. This cannabis hybrid is an award winning cannabis strain and this Spanish hybrid is sure to provide an impressive experience for any smoker. Critical Plus strain review on forums are mostly positive reviews. Developed from a popular breeder and the parent strains both have great genetics, it is not surprising that Critical Plus has become so popular and widely loved. In this article, we will provide useful information about Critical Plus for both growers and smokers. Follow along below!


Critical Plus


Big Bud and Skunk No.

Sativa/Indica %

50% / 50%

Indoor Yield

22 oz/ m2

Outdoor Yield

45 ounces per plant

Flowering Period

40-50 days indoors, Early October outdoors.


1, Relaxed – 10, Euphoric – 9, Energetic – 7, Uplifted – 7, Creative – 6


Dry mouth – 10, Dry eyes – 9, Headache – 1, Paranoid – 1, Anxious – 1


Woody, pine, pungent, citrus


Pine, citrus


Stress – 10, Pain – 9, Depression – 8, Headaches – 5, Cramps – 5


45 to 50 days


Early October


Up to 8 feet


20% to 23%


0.01% to 0.10%




22 ounces per square meter


45 ounces per plant


Mediterranean climate


Easy to grow


Susceptible to mold

Critical Plus Origins

The origin of Critical Plus is not a mystery, on the contrary, it is very clear. Critical Plus is a cross between Big Bud and Skunk No. 1, two cannabis strains with legendary and very famous genetics. That's why Critical Plus is really popular in regions including the US, the desert Southwest, and the Western Pacific. Critical Plus is truly respected in the cannabis community for its values ​​and experiences. Dinafem Seeds, this top Spanish breeder has done a good job in breeding Critical Plus, and their achievements with this cannabis strain are no small. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding Critical Plus strain Indica or Sativa because it does not show any distinct morphology that can be easily distinguished. It makes perfect sense that Critical Plus is a balanced, 50% Indica and 50% Sativa hybrid cannabis strain. We will talk more about this genetics in the following sections.

Critical Plus Effects

There are quite a few descendants of the two famous genetics, Big Bud and Skunk, however it is safe to say that there are quite a few balanced hybrid cannabis strains as outstanding as Critical Plus. Because of that, Critical Plus was developed into many other strains, of which Critical Plus 2.0 strain is a famous backcross. With a balanced genetic ratio between Indica and Sativa, smokers will feel the obvious effects on both physical and mental. THC content around 23% is a high level and it can cause high and quite strong effects. Critical Plus hash is sort and crumbles. This strain is therefore recommended for more experienced smokers. Beginner smokers can be knocked down with the first puffs of smoke. The first effect of Critical Plus for the smoker is euphoria. It seems to happen instantaneously and is like a strong energy entering the body making you awake and happy. From there, your mood will be changed, becoming more elated and more positive. Giggles will probably come out. Critical Plus will also give effects to your physical. The high level of Critical Plus will provide a deep relaxation but won't keep you locked to the couch. It is like a relaxation, a gentle relaxation that you always want in tired working days. This effect is like a consolation in the late afternoon or late evening, when you need to rest and don't want any negative thoughts to disturb you.

Critical Plus Fragrance & Flavors

Like the parent strains, Critical Plus does not possess a sweet taste that can satisfy any smokers. Critical Plus is considered to have a strong, unique taste and is quite picky about users. That is why often experienced smokers will find this strain more appealing than beginners. Critical Plus has a zesty scent mixed with citrus. If you pay closer attention, you can find notes of pine and earthy smells. This combination gives a pungent aroma, quite thick and prominent. Its strong scent can attract the attention of those around so smokers should be careful when smoking in public. With the first sips of smoke, smokers can feel the fresh lemon taste and a bit of citrus sweetness. But after a while the chemical-like taste will become more and more prominent and become more obvious.

Critical Plus Medical

In addition to its entertainment value, Critical Plus offers benefits for medical marijuana smokers. Although Critical Plus' CBD levels are not very high, it can still be involved in the treatment of some symptoms. And it's also showing up in dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. Thanks to the relaxing and uplifting effects of Critical Plus, this cannabis strain can reduce the severity of patients suffering from depression, anxiety disorders and others. If you are often stressed and anxious, then Critical Plus will also help your state to become better. However, we still recommend that you consult your treating physician. Besides, Critical Plus can act as a natural pain reliever. It can help treat chronic pain, headaches, cramps, and make you more comfortable. Critical Plus will also help insomnia patients improve their condition.

Critical Plus Growing

Critical Plus seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, this cannabis strain is not too difficult to grow but growers should be really careful when cultivating it. Critical Plus strain yield is also quite high, so growers can fully reap good profits in their crops. Critical Plus has a fairly good vigor with a relatively high resistance to pests and molds. Growers just need to feed the plants with enough nutrients and pay attention to pruning, or can apply some technical methods such as SOG to increase the yield of the plants. One thing that any grower, whether growing outdoors or indoors, should also note, that is the scent of Critical Plus. As we mentioned, Critical Plus has a very strong smell and that is why you will probably attract the attention of your neighbors. To avoid the hassle of growing Critical Plus seeds, growers arrange their carbon filters or exhaust fans very carefully when growing indoors. When growing outdoors, it will be more difficult to hide the smell, choose a discreet place to avoid prying eyes. Critical Plus grows best in tropical or Mediterranean climates. With good care, growers can harvest 45 ounces/plant outdoors. Meanwhile, indoor yields will fall around 22 ounces/m2.

Where Can I Buy Critical Plus Seeds?

Despite being a popular cannabis strain with smokers, Critical Plus seeds are quite difficult to buy. There are several seed banks out there that offer these cannabis seeds, however not all offer the best quality and best service. That's why we recommend to you some of the reputable online seed banks below, which provide quality Critical Plus seeds at the best prices. Seedsman - Critical Plus Feminised Seeds Dinafem Seeds - Critical + Pacific Seedbank - Critical Plus Feminized Marijuana Seeds

How Much Do You Love Growing Herbs

Growing herbs have always been a special thing to me and they’ve been a piece of my life for a very long time, right from Grandma’s garden. She grew some solid assortment like bay leaf, dill, parsley and rosemary. There may have been others yet these are the ones I recollect the most. She made fresh herbs part of her everyday cooking and they made everything taste stunning. Her cooking style was a smidgen of various ingredients, simmer a bit on low heat and she’s good to go. Being an Italian woman, everything she served had a touch of salad and homemade bread on the side. I really miss her dishes. She set an extraordinary example of how to eat and appreciate genuine nourishment; and as the years went by, my craving for herbs grew too and I started experimenting with different varieties. I found out cooking was more enjoyable when herbs were on the menu and I couldn’t go a single day without them. My top choices were cilantro, parsley, oregano and thyme. I had other herbs growing around but these five are basic for quick seasonal cooking during the summer. They’re additionally simple to dry so you can store in containers and use them all round the year. At our homestead I chose to grow lemon balm, sage, tarragon, and peppermint and after a while, I started to experience a passionate feeling for their flavor and medical advantages. Now and again, I simply pick a few of the herbs and make fun things like this new herb wreath. I could exceptionally be a great farmer just tending to my herbs. The assortment of nutrition, taste and texture they offer rouse continuous learning that occupies most of my spare time. Beginning with herbs at Quail Grove was the main arrangement of raised beds we actualized. I spread from the ranch and everything grew up well except for my lemon balm. Through my time growing herbs, it occurred to me that others would also appreciate learning about them and growing them so I composed two new printables to help other people begin. They included growing perennial and annual herbs. These printables will help you learn to grow herbs without getting stressed out. Herbs are not difficult to tend to; they cherish the sun and require little care or attention. Tending to each herb is a serene procedure that expert and even new herb planters will come to appreciate. There are quite a lot to know when it comes to growing herbs so when you start attempting them; you easily get the hang of it! I do hope it will be as much fun learning to grow herbs as it has been for me. Good luck!

[USA Seed Bank Reviews] Great Lakes Genetics (

At first look, one is almost tempted to completely ignore the Great Lakes Genetics Seedbank. First, they don't tell you exactly where they are on their website. It's only when you select a product and go through the check-out procedure that you discover they are in Clio, Michigan. Second, when you go to their website at you are given exactly 60 minutes to go all the way through checkout. Otherwise, your shopping car completely disappears. Third, there are no frequently asked questions section on their website, they do provide minimal information on their shipping/payment page, but even then, it is bare minimal. Finally, Great Lakes Genetics only accepts two types of payments, either cash in the form of U.S. dollars, or a blank U.S. Postal, or Money Gram money or Western Union money orders. That's it. No credit cards. No wire transfers. No bitcoin. Nothing. Stack up all of these things together and our first tendency is to be like Aria Grande and shout, "Thank you, Next!" Sure, there are plenty of great cannabis strain products, but really? That's it? However, if do a Google Search for Great Lakes Genetics you will find, at least for U.S. customers that it has a reputation as one of the most reliable seed banks in the United States. Time and time again, customers rave about how they placed their order, and within a week received their order safe and sound in a discreet, mailed package. Like all USA cannabis seedbanks, they sell their cannabis seeds as novelty items only, so there is no cultivation information provided as well. But you can't beat satisfied customers and Great Lakes Genetics has a lot of them. In fact, based upon numerous reviews, Great Lakes Genetics may be listed as one of the top 10 seed banks in the US. One of the things that Great Lakes Genetics excels in is offering freebies. In fact, freebies are offered with every order. Another reason for their success is volume pricing. While many seed banks offer perhaps 4 to 6 seeds, the vast majority of Great Lakes Genetics offerings come in a pack of 13! Is Great Lakes Genetics perfect? Far from it. All seeds are sold as is and there is no guarantee of germination. And we personally don't like the idea of sending either cash or blank money orders in the mail. But it is what it is, and Great Lakes Genetics has built quite the reputation within the United States for not only reliability, but shipping products quickly. This is apparently a mom and pop store, so don't expect a vast customer service team. If there is a question or a problem you need to send an email and wait for a reply. However, reports are that they do respond quickly. If we were rating them, we'd probably give them a 3.5 or maybe 3.8 overall, but a 4.0 or more for quick service, free seeds, and volume selling.

Why a Surprising Number of Nba and Nfl Athletes Use Cannabis

In spite of its status as a banned substance, cannabis use among NFL and NBA athletes has been on the rise for quite a long time. Customary drug testing, player suspensions, and medication education programs have neglected to shorten its ubiquity. Rather, many trust that cannabis use in elite athletics is at a record-breaking high. Proficient athletes use cannabis for a huge number of reasons, running from help with discomfort to a better sleep routine. In any case, the leagues they play in still stay oblivious of weed’s capability to improve their personal lifestyle. is especially true if you have backaches or need a herb grinder. Also, pillows break down over time; even memory foam. This refusal to be more understanding and obliging has wrecked the professions of a few promising youthful athletes and has earned the NFL much criticism throughout the years. Regardless of this, the NFL keeps on providing its athletes with addictive opioid painkillers, while precluding the utilization of marijuana. Cannabis is basically prohibited by the NBA (National Basketball Association) and NFL (National Football League) due to its government status as an unlawful medication. Besides, arguments have been made that it might work as a performance-enhancing. All things considered, so as to stay in accordance with government guidelines, and to save the credibility of their individual games, the NBA and NFL have restricted marijuana use among their players.

Why do athletes use cannabis?

One of the essential reasons that athletes use cannabis is for present and long-term relief from discomfort. In a meeting with BBC last year, 14-year NBA veteran Matt Barnes admitted to consistently utilizing cannabis all through his career to combat back pain, to enable him to sleep properly, on your backs, high times top seed banks, and the shoulders as well. And to enable him to relax. Barnes’ a one-time coach Steve Kerr also admitted to consistently utilizing the substance to combat back pain. oil reduces inflammation and pain. Plus, there are several other marijuana seeds for sale. Retired athletes use cannabis to battle unending muscle and joint pain coming about as a result of long periods of playing at a professional level. Athletes use cannabis since it is an appropriate option compared to different painkillers that might be addictive or may cause genuine reactions with prolonged use. Cannabis products like sprays, topicals, and CBD oils can even give relief from discomfort without getting you high. After former NBA elite player Al Harrington became weary of utilizing prescription painkillers, he swung to CBD. on your backs, grinder weed, and the shoulders as well. In an interview with, he asserted that creams and oils gave him a similar relief from discomfort without the side effects, and without getting him high. Athletes additionally use cannabis to enable them to relax and get away from the weight of their jobs. CBD’s anti-anxiety impacts and THC’s energizer impacts give competitors some genuinely necessary tranquility during their time off. During his interview with BBC, Matt Barnes stated that smoking cannabis in the mornings gave him “true serenity”.

Cannabis provides effective pain relief for athletes

Through their collaboration with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), the cannabinoids found in cannabis can manage functions like mood and pain. In an interview with CBS, retired Miami Dolphin Larry Chester expressed that he had the capacity to defeat his opioid addiction using cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid ideal for reducing inflammation and pain.

Essential Oils and your Workouts

Essential oils are for every part of your life including your workout routine, whether you do Yoga, Circuit training, Casual workouts or Marathon training. Before you workout, you want to have warm muscles and good circulation, energy, a positive and driven mental state, read more to see how they can improve your workout routine.
  • Pre Workout- Breathe blend on the chest, back of the neck, or bottom of the feet to open the airways. Warm your muscles with a mixture of Rosemary, Lavender, & Eucalyptus applied topically. Use a carrier oil if you need to dilute for skin sensitivity.
  • During Workout- Add Slim and Sassy and lemon in your water (use a metal or glass bottle) to boost metabolism and increase energy, rehydrate you and the flavor influences you to drink more water. Peppermint can be inhaled to increase alertness and help you focus. Peppermint can be rubbed onto tired muscles, pulse points and feet to increase oxygen and energize muscles.
  • Post Workout- Deep Blue or Aroma Touch are wonderfully relieving for sore muscles, and to help prevent soreness, apply before a good stretch. Lemongrass is another effective oil for providing relief of sore muscles. You can also try Helichrysum and Lavender with Epsom Salts in a bath soak.
  • Always remember to drink plenty of EXTRA water. Many essential oils are effective detoxers so drink extra water to help your body utilize them fully and to eliminate the waste that accumulates after a good workout.


CBD and kratom are both stopping people in their tracks in the Western world. These two mixes are fit for treating a variety of side effects ranging from anxiety to pain. Continue reading to discover which one of these compounds will best suit your necessities.

How Does Cbd Compare to Kratom?

Kratom and CBD both show promise for the treatment of substance withdrawal. Be that as it may, they treat the condition in altogether different ways. Kratom legitimately interfaces with opioid receptors, though CBD does not straightforwardly connect with cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Kratom is valuable in the treatment of opioid addiction since it has such huge numbers of comparative properties to opioid. What is rso-Rick Simpson oil. All things considered, kratom is viewed as an opioid alternative. When looking at symptoms, the most critical contrast is kratom’s potential for addiction. Research has indisputably shown that kratom users suffer symptoms like those instigated by different opioids. The primary contemplation is in the seriousness and length of the symptoms. Kratom is known to make users tired, particularly at high dosages. CBD does not affect cognitive ability and drowsiness. Consequently, you should be cautious while consuming kratom since you won’t be able to engage in explicit exercises, such as driving. By correlation, you can hope to do pretty much anything on CBD that you could manage without it. CBD is favored by some due to the wide assortment of structures that it comes in. Modern extraction processes permit CBD to be implanted into a variety of advantageous structures including capsules, fluids, and food. Kratom is considerably less safe to blend with different medications or narcotic substances, including over-the-counter solutions. Marijuana out of your system fast. Death involving kratom almost always involve multiple substances.

How Does Kratom Compare to Marijuana?

With regards to whole-plant cannabis, the study turns out to be complex as a result of strains. Both kratom and marijuana are bred in an assortment of strains, impacting the sorts of effects they produce. The most prescribed kratom strains for help with pain relief are red vein Bali, Borneo, or Indo kratom. With regards to marijuana, the best strains for relief from pain are usually heavy indicas like Afghan and Hindu Kush. Both kratom and marijuana are known to, in any event briefly, provide relief from anxiety. Marijuana users should be additional cautious with the strains they decide to use for anxiety relief. What are the side effects of hempworx CBD oil? Solid Sativa strains can really create the contrary impact, increasing anxiety. At times, this impact can be profound to the point that users experience uneasiness or panic attacks. By correlation, kratom isn’t known to intensify nervousness, simply relieve it. Kratom’s lawful status makes it more secure to obtain and use than cannabis in numerous parts on the planet, but not entirely everywhere. In the event that legality is an issue for you, then kratom is often the better choice of the two. Be that as it may, as the authorization of medicinal and recreational cannabis keeps on spreading, this may not remain the case for long. See more: – Best Indica Strains: Top 10 Cannabis Strains with Stony-Relaxing Effect. – Best Sativa Strains: 10 Strains That Boost Your Creativity and Focus. – Best Autoflower Strains: Top 8 Best Auto Strain for Yield.

What amount of weed is perfect for an amateur to abstain from getting stoned?

Whenever I ask someone for what reason they despise weed, they usually say it was that one time in school when they took a fat bong tear and went berserk. When they’re done, I usually tell them how they got it all wrong by smoking too much at first. When it comes to eating cannabis in any form or shape, there is an enchantment number regarding hits and amounts, particularly for amateurs. A comment as a primary concern: You can simply smoke all the more, however, you can’t switch a high. So you should always endeavor to begin with microdoses and continue working from that point. Regardless of whether you’re smoking a joint or doing your thing from a pipe, start with one little puff as it were. Most folks, including myself, don’t get stoned at all for their first time; in which case, I just try doing it another day. Sit tight for as long as 60 minutes after you have started feeling the effect of the first puff and then, evaluate whether you’re ready to go for a second puff. The high could hit you later, so try to sit tight for the first round wear off a bit.


This is another reason why I always advise folks to stay away from edibles until the point when you acquaint yourself properly with cannabis. Your rate of utilization is considerably harder to pinpoint while devouring edibles, normally taking 45 minutes to 90 minutes to feel the impacts. The most well-known mix-up with novices is that they eat another brownie piece, for instance, after not feeling anything in the initial 20 minutes and afterward encounter a mind-boggling high at the same time. You shouldn’t try this. To furnish you with particular estimations, we’ve alluded to The Beginner’s Guide to Marijuanaby weed-delivery application Eaze. In the event that you don’t want to get high at all Smoking: High CBD items (24:1 or 16:1 CBD) Edibles: High CBD items (24:1 or 16:1 CBD) Stick to CBD-substantial items, which will bring about a smooth body high without the psychoactive impacts that accompany THC. In the event that you want to get a little high Smoking: Less than 10 percent THC Edibles: Less than 2mg THC Read the bloom marks and palatable wrappers, which express the focus levels. In the event that you want to get noticeably high Smoking: Between 10 percent and 20 percent THC Edibles: Between 2mg and 10mg THC


Most blooms extend in the vicinity of 18 and 22 percent THC, however, you can discover strains lower or higher. Be that as it may, even with a high-concentrated strain, it’s as yet conceivable to control your dosage. In the event that you want to get super high Smoking: More than 20 percent THC Edibles: More than 10mg THC Vape pens are additionally an incredible and more beneficial approach to slip into cannabis. Hmbldt’s measurements pens are especially awesome for beginner smokers since they have a planned dosage to guarantee exact and steady puffs all the time. You inhale until a light vibration indicates when it’s time to take a break. You ought to likewise consider to what extent a high can typically last. Note that this will differ according to the individual, but all things considered, a high in the wake of smoking flower endures somewhere in the range of one to three hours, while an eatable high can proceed solid for three to six hours. Since there’s no mystery to calming down rapidly other than time, always start small and work your way up the quantity.

BC Bud Depot Review: Pros, Cons, Phone Number & More

I know there are many places to buy cannabis seeds, but one place that has been gaining popularity is BC Bud Depot, which also has a good reputation. However, are they actually worth buying seeds from? Read my BC Bud Depot review to learn about pros and cons of going through them, as well as other important info such as their contact info, prices and more. [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="155,154,153,152,151"]

The Pros

BC Bud Depot is one of the top places to buy marijuana seeds from. It's no secret why, as there are many pros associated with doing business with them. A few of them include:
  • . The company has won over two dozen Cannabis Awards. This is worth noting because it means BC Bud Depot is doing something right.
  • . BC Bud Depot's seeds have an impressive germination rate. In fact, I love that their germination rate is 90%, and this is a guarantee from the company.
  • . There are over 500 strains customers can choose from. Every single strain they offer is of high quality.
  • . There's no need to worry about shipping because BC Bud Depot guarantees shipping.
Those are only a handful of good things about the company. Personally, I think it's easy to see why BC Bud Depot is a highly rated place to buy seeds from.

The Cons

Although I'm a fan of BC Bud Depot, there's a few cons I want everyone to be aware of. They are: . There's actually not that many reviews out there about BC Bud Depot. This is surprising because the company is popular and they continue to gain popularity. Nonetheless, there's only a small number of customer reviews. . When compared to other places that sell seeds, BC Bud Depot is quite expensive. I'd actually go as far as saying their seeds are some of the most expensive around, but bear in mind you do get a lot for your money. . Finally, BC Bud Depot doesn't have many promotions. Every now and then they'll have a special going on. For the most part, customers can expect to pay full price for their products.

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank: Products & Selection

BC Bud Depot sells a ton of products. This includes CBD seeds and feminized seeds. Other seeds include DNA Genetics Seeds, Scorpion Crew Seeds and various Limited Edition seeds. At the time of this writing, they over over 500 seeds for sale. A few examples of what BC Bud Depot has to offer includes:
  • 1. BC Bud Depot The Black- These seeds typically begin flowering indoors within 8-10 weeks, and they produce marijuana that has a sweet narcotic taste. The best thing about The Black is it providers users with an instant high.
  • 2. BC Bud Depot The Purps- The Purps is considered to be one of the top strains in the world. The buds are dank, and the high users get from them is unbelievable. In fact, there is absolutely zero burnout factor, which means the uplifting high will last for a longtime and the user won't feel tired after the high wears off.
  • 3. BC Bud Depot Blueberry- It takes around 8 weeks for these seeds to flower. Once they do, the plant will eventually turn to a lavender blue. The end result is bud that tastes like blueberry. Not only does it taste great, but the high is described as pleasant and long-lasting.
  • 4. BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies- Another popular product from BC Bud Depot is the Girl Scout Cookies strain, which has a chocolate mint taste to it, hence the name. I love these because they are perfect for to help with an array of conditions, such as inflammation, depression, anxiety and pain. Bear in mind that these are indoor plants, while the previously discussed ones are outdoors and/or indoors.
  • 5. Other BC Bud Depot Outdoor Seeds- When it comes to outdoor seeds, BC Bud Depot offers an incredible selection. Besides the previously mentioned outdoor seeds, there are dozens and dozens more. Furthermore, BC Bud Depot autoflower selection is impressive too.


One thing I want to point out is the prices. In my opinion, all of the company's products are priced fairly. However, there are many people who think or will think that prices could be a little bit lower. Remember, people are paying high prices for seeds because BC Bud Depot is known for seeds that are of high quality, and their products' germination rates are high.

BC Bud Depot Contact Info & Customer Service

BC Bud Depot phone number is 1-888-402-2283. However, the team at BC Bud Depot recommends using their ticket system if a person has an account with them. If a customer or anyone else needs to get in touch with customer support, but they don't have an account, then they can call the number or email them at [email protected]

BC Bud Depot Location Info

At the time of this writing, BC Bud Depot has no physical retail stores. Products can either be purchased online or at a number of wholesalers located throughout the United Kingdom, California, Washington State, Austria and Canada.

BC Bud Depot Review: Final Verdict

My final verdict is BC Bud Depot gets a five out of five stars. Although the prices might be a bit on the high side, I still highly recommend buying from them. It's very easy to order seeds from BC Bud Depot, and the selection of products is impressive. Go ahead and check them out today to see what they offer.

10 Best Indoor Weed Grow Box: Top Marijuana Grow Box Ideas

If you are considering growing your own cannabis at home, this work not as simple as it may seem. But with the indoor grow box ideas, you will have the growing solution. Grow boxes will provide optimal growth environment for your marijuana plants during their entire life cycle. This also provide more private, discreet place to grow weed that the people around will be unaware of what you are cultivating. The grow box helps your plants to avoid pests and diseases found in the outdoors condition. We recommend that you read this post

Top 10 Indoor Weed Grow Box 2021

#1 SuperStar Hydroponic Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B07L2GKBDX CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE Superstar grow box is one of the most expensive grow cabinet on the market. But it definitely worth the price as this box produce an incredible yield of 16 pound per year. Besides, it comws with quite big size with the dimensions are 60 ”H x 24” W x 24 ”D. The large room allows it to hole up to 16 plants at the same time. This is an ideal grow box for beginner as it automates a lot of work. It features two 24w fluorescent lights, carbon filter, cloning chamber. It is also very easy to use with instructions, and a DVD included. I highly recommend this grow box for growers who are ready to spend more money for high-quality, premium grow box.

#2 Super Locker 3.0 – 8 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B01M5G4ESF CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE If you want to grow a taller strain of cannabis, the vertical grow box should be the great ideal. The dimensions are 66″H x 15″W x 24″D makes it the perfect choice for who has limited space with the small footprint. This cabinet have enough space for 8 plants and it features separate cloning chamber which will help maximum your harvests. It uses energy-efficient LED lights to allow you to cultivate marijuana without breaking the budget. The additional wall lights and excellent ventilation system create the ideal condition for your weeds grow.

#3 Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B0196X12VW CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE It has the capacity to generate a large yield of cannabis about 9 pounds per years. The box measures 48" tall,20" wide, and 16.5" deep. It features Mars Hydro LED Grow lighting that is designed to function in perfect condition with most plants. One of the special features is that this box allows you to change the height of the light. It comes with an air pump, water pump, plants pots and a pack of nutrients. All of these make up an ready-to-use grow box.

#4 Stealth Grow Box Kit Led 600w Cabinet

Amazon best-selling product B0196X12VW CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE Stealgrowbox is a well-known name in the plant growing industry, which committed that you will get the well-balance product about price and quality. This is not only a grow box but also look like a great furniture for your home décor. This is all-in-one product that includes Digital thermometer, hygrometer, ventilation system, timer, carbon filter. The inner layer of the box is mylar reflecting material, which will help retain heat and proper light inside the box. It is 42 × 40 × 80 cm and made from wood.

#5 Hellogrower 40" Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

Amazon best-selling product B0196X12VW CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE This full setup grow box includes The 40-inch hydroponic grow box from Hellogrower is your full hydroponic growth solution. A 300-watt full-spectrum LED lighting system, two strong fans, timer, a carbon filter, etc. these are almost all the thing you need to get start. This box hydroponic technique is based deep water culture (DWC) method. This approach delivers the most quantity of oxygen and nutrient-rich water to weed root. Each kit includes a 1-2 gallons tank, four lids, four 3-inch net pots, air pump, and some other equipment. The drawback of this box is that I do not comes with a locker, so you will need to buy one separately.

#6 HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit Complete

Amazon best-selling product B0196X12VW CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE The tent kit measures overall 39 x 39 x 85 inches, and includes an HTG Supply 400-watt HPS grow lamp, this light will adequate to promote throughout your weed’s life time cycle. In this kit, you also get a thermometer and a circulation fan, which will assist manage the proper temperature inside box and ensure that your cannabis plants are not harmed by external factors. There is nothing very noteworthy about this tent, but this device contains all you would expect to get started without extensive study or experience.

#7 SuperCloset SuperBox Grow Box

Amazon best-selling product B0196X12VW CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE It has a large space inside, and despite it is not on the cheap side, I highly suggest it for a variety of reasons. The first thing is that this box can protect your weed from any harmful external factors that can impact the yielding result. Next, it includes a CFL lighting system that is nearly entirely automated, that means you do not need to pay a lot of attention and monitor your plant all the time. If you want to get 100% success rate of seed germinating, this box can help you.

How to Decarb Weed Without Oven?

Many people make many foods, drinks, and tinctures from the cannabis plant but do not feel the psychological effects when eating or drinking because they have not activated the cannabis oil. Unless you are using marijuana to roll your joints or use it with a vaporizer, you do not need to activate the cannabis oil. Without this important step, the psychoactive effects of cannabis are very weak, or even non-existent. Decarboxylation of your cannabis is a must-do before cooking. Therefore we will show you how to decarb weed without oven. So you can completely decarb weed in the simplest and fastest way.

Decarb In An Instant Pot

Top Sales Product Link Price
Olicity Cheesecloth, Grade 90, 20x20Inch, Double-Layer 100% Unbleached Pure Cotton Muslin Cloth for Straining, Reusable Hem… from $5.99
Silicone Butter Mold Tray with Lid, Purple from $14.95
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Why Need to Decarb Weed?

First of all, it is important to understand that the essential oils (cannabinoids) found in the cannabis plant are mostly not in an active state. An activation (decarboxylation) is required to convert the inactive acid component of the cannabis oil to the active form. This activation is done with the action of heat. Under the influence of heat, the inactive THCA in the plant under these effects will convert to active THC, inactive CBDA will convert to active CBD, inactive CBCA will convert to active CBC…and so on Compared to more than 100 other cannabis essential oils found in the cannabis plant. If you proceed to extract cannabis oil without completing the decarboxylation stage, the resulting extract is not strong enough for therapeutic use. Although the essential oils found in the natural cannabis plant are in the inactive acid form, they still have natural healing potential. For example, THCA shows antioxidant & anti-inflammatory/infectious and neuroprotective effects but does not produce high psychoactive effects. The psychological high effect only appears under the action of THC essential oil. The process of activating cannabis essential oil is a chemical reaction that releases CO2. You need to activate the cannabis essential oils to get the effect when using cannabis for healing.

The Deciding Factors in Decarb Weed

#1 Temperature and time

  • The higher the temperature, the faster the decarburization.
  • High temperatures will also cause some of the terpenes to be lost. Terpenes are substances that cause a characteristic odor, and also have a great deal of medical value.
  • High temperatures (around 121 degrees Celsius) will cause the THC to be evaporated.

#2 Humidity

The higher the moisture content of the cannabis, the longer it will take to decarb.

#3 Contact area

  • Marijuana should be finely ground and spread thinly upon activation.
  • Do not grind cannabis too finely, as this can cause your product to contain a lot of impurities later on.
  • Spreading the cannabis evenly on the plate will help distribute the heat more evenly.

#4 Terpenes

  • Activating cannabis will vaporize the Terpene. Volatile terpenes will help prevent the product from having a strong cannabis smell.
  • Decarb cannabis at lower temperatures for a longer period of time to preserve terpene due to its desired medical values.

How To Decarb Weed Without Oven?

#1 Use a frying pan

When you don't have an oven, you can decarb weed manually with a pan on the stove. The procedures are the same as when using the oven. First, you need to choose the number of ingredients to activate. Then use a tool or blender to pulverize the ingredients. Note that it is not pureed into a powder, just finely ground the ingredients. Next, spread the ingredients evenly into the pan. You can mix this ingredient with olive oil or coconut oil. Preheat pan to 250 degrees F for 30 to 60 minutes. The oil will start to turn green and that's an indication that it's activated.

#2 Use a Decarboxylator

The Decarboxylator is a machine specially made for the purpose of activating cannabis. Basically, this machine is super easy to use as you just need to put the weed in the machine and start it. Then wait a bit and you have got a great effect of cannabis. This machine is widely available on Amazon and you can easily order it. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

#3 Using the sous vide method

The main sous vide method is to vacuum the weed, then boil it at a suitable temperature. This method is suitable for those who own a vacuum cleaner. The sous vide method is also widely applied to many other foods. In this case, you should completely vacuum your cannabis. Then boil with clean water at 250 Fahrenheit for a minimum of 90 minutes. However, this method is not as effective as the above methods.

#4  Dry in the sun

This method will activate the weeds to their full potential, but it will probably be enough to get them activated and have some effect. This method is simple, inexpensive and suitable for anyone, especially those on a tight budget. Thereby, you just need to put the weeds in a dish placed in the place where the sun shines the strongest all day. However, to achieve the best effect, it is best to do it on sunny, cloudy days. And the temperature should be hotter than 100 degrees F.