Critical Plus Strain Effects & Review – All-in-one Cannabis Strain with Balanced Mind & Body Experience

Critical Plus weed is a popular hybrid cannabis strain from Dinafem Seeds in Spain, and it has a large foreign following. This cannabis hybrid is an award winning cannabis strain and this Spanish hybrid is sure to provide an impressive experience for any smoker.

Critical Plus strain review on forums are mostly positive reviews. Developed from a popular breeder and the parent strains both have great genetics, it is not surprising that Critical Plus has become so popular and widely loved.

In this article, we will provide useful information about Critical Plus for both growers and smokers. Follow along below!


Critical Plus


Big Bud and Skunk No.

Sativa/Indica %

50% / 50%

Indoor Yield

22 oz/ m2

Outdoor Yield

45 ounces per plant

Flowering Period

40-50 days indoors, Early October outdoors.


1, Relaxed – 10, Euphoric – 9, Energetic – 7, Uplifted – 7, Creative – 6


Dry mouth – 10, Dry eyes – 9, Headache – 1, Paranoid – 1, Anxious – 1


Woody, pine, pungent, citrus


Pine, citrus


Stress – 10, Pain – 9, Depression – 8, Headaches – 5, Cramps – 5


45 to 50 days


Early October


Up to 8 feet


20% to 23%


0.01% to 0.10%




22 ounces per square meter


45 ounces per plant


Mediterranean climate


Easy to grow


Susceptible to mold

Critical Plus Origins

The origin of Critical Plus is not a mystery, on the contrary, it is very clear. Critical Plus is a cross between Big Bud and Skunk No. 1, two cannabis strains with legendary and very famous genetics. That’s why Critical Plus is really popular in regions including the US, the desert Southwest, and the Western Pacific.

Critical Plus is truly respected in the cannabis community for its values ​​and experiences. Dinafem Seeds, this top Spanish breeder has done a good job in breeding Critical Plus, and their achievements with this cannabis strain are no small.

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding Critical Plus strain Indica or Sativa because it does not show any distinct morphology that can be easily distinguished. It makes perfect sense that Critical Plus is a balanced, 50% Indica and 50% Sativa hybrid cannabis strain. We will talk more about this genetics in the following sections.

Critical Plus Effects

There are quite a few descendants of the two famous genetics, Big Bud and Skunk, however it is safe to say that there are quite a few balanced hybrid cannabis strains as outstanding as Critical Plus. Because of that, Critical Plus was developed into many other strains, of which Critical Plus 2.0 strain is a famous backcross.

With a balanced genetic ratio between Indica and Sativa, smokers will feel the obvious effects on both physical and mental. THC content around 23% is a high level and it can cause high and quite strong effects. Critical Plus hash is sort and crumbles. This strain is therefore recommended for more experienced smokers. Beginner smokers can be knocked down with the first puffs of smoke.

The first effect of Critical Plus for the smoker is euphoria. It seems to happen instantaneously and is like a strong energy entering the body making you awake and happy. From there, your mood will be changed, becoming more elated and more positive. Giggles will probably come out.

Critical Plus will also give effects to your physical. The high level of Critical Plus will provide a deep relaxation but won’t keep you locked to the couch. It is like a relaxation, a gentle relaxation that you always want in tired working days. This effect is like a consolation in the late afternoon or late evening, when you need to rest and don’t want any negative thoughts to disturb you.

Critical Plus Fragrance & Flavors

Like the parent strains, Critical Plus does not possess a sweet taste that can satisfy any smokers. Critical Plus is considered to have a strong, unique taste and is quite picky about users. That is why often experienced smokers will find this strain more appealing than beginners.

Critical Plus has a zesty scent mixed with citrus. If you pay closer attention, you can find notes of pine and earthy smells. This combination gives a pungent aroma, quite thick and prominent. Its strong scent can attract the attention of those around so smokers should be careful when smoking in public.

With the first sips of smoke, smokers can feel the fresh lemon taste and a bit of citrus sweetness. But after a while the chemical-like taste will become more and more prominent and become more obvious.

Critical Plus Medical

In addition to its entertainment value, Critical Plus offers benefits for medical marijuana smokers. Although Critical Plus’ CBD levels are not very high, it can still be involved in the treatment of some symptoms. And it’s also showing up in dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Thanks to the relaxing and uplifting effects of Critical Plus, this cannabis strain can reduce the severity of patients suffering from depression, anxiety disorders and others. If you are often stressed and anxious, then Critical Plus will also help your state to become better. However, we still recommend that you consult your treating physician.

Besides, Critical Plus can act as a natural pain reliever. It can help treat chronic pain, headaches, cramps, and make you more comfortable. Critical Plus will also help insomnia patients improve their condition.

Critical Plus Growing

Critical Plus seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, this cannabis strain is not too difficult to grow but growers should be really careful when cultivating it. Critical Plus strain yield is also quite high, so growers can fully reap good profits in their crops.

Critical Plus has a fairly good vigor with a relatively high resistance to pests and molds. Growers just need to feed the plants with enough nutrients and pay attention to pruning, or can apply some technical methods such as SOG to increase the yield of the plants.

One thing that any grower, whether growing outdoors or indoors, should also note, that is the scent of Critical Plus. As we mentioned, Critical Plus has a very strong smell and that is why you will probably attract the attention of your neighbors. To avoid the hassle of growing Critical Plus seeds, growers arrange their carbon filters or exhaust fans very carefully when growing indoors. When growing outdoors, it will be more difficult to hide the smell, choose a discreet place to avoid prying eyes.

Critical Plus grows best in tropical or Mediterranean climates. With good care, growers can harvest 45 ounces/plant outdoors. Meanwhile, indoor yields will fall around 22 ounces/m2.

Where Can I Buy Critical Plus Seeds?

Despite being a popular cannabis strain with smokers, Critical Plus seeds are quite difficult to buy. There are several seed banks out there that offer these cannabis seeds, however not all offer the best quality and best service.

That’s why we recommend to you some of the reputable online seed banks below, which provide quality Critical Plus seeds at the best prices.

Seedsman – Critical Plus Feminised Seeds

Dinafem Seeds – Critical +

Pacific Seedbank – Critical Plus Feminized Marijuana Seeds