Hydroponic Grow Chamber: What is the best hydroponic growth chamber?

Do you want to start grow your plant indoor with less effort and don’t need to concern about bug or weather outside? You should certainly look into hydroponic grow chamber. Hydroponic grow chamber is an enclosure room that help to create a safe, secure and perfect growth environment for your hydroponic plants.

It will much easier to control, adjust and check the condition inside the box or chamber. From completely automated grow chamber to affordable, simple unit; this article will show you some of the best hydroponic grow chamber on the market that are suited for both newcomers to hydroponics and seasoned growers.

Top 10 Hydroponic Grow Chamber 2021

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#1 Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer’s Cash Crop 5.0 is one of the most popular, best seller grow boxes on the market. The box measures 36″ T x 24″ W x 16.5″ D and its capacity can hold up to 6 plants. Its size is perfect if you want to grow taller strains of cannabis. This grow box offers all the things gardeners need to get started except the seeds.

LED grow light, ventilation system, a reservoir, complete pack of hydroponic nutrients, a submersible water pump, a timer, and net pots are all included in this package. Reflective Mylar linings are used on the inside of the box to increases the lighting effects within the box while lowering the risk of leaking. Overall, this is a simple, low-cost grow box but comes with a lot of features and good quality construction.

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#2 Supercloset SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box

Many growers perfect to find a small grow chamber that can fit nicely in their tight space, Super Box grow box is perfect option to go for if you think about the size. It is look like a small refrigerator. Although it’s relatively small, the box can accommodate for up to 8 hydroponic plants. It features a dual X40 Flower LED Grow Lights, which support your plants throughout their growth cycle, emit less heat and improve yields quantity.

What I love the most is that this box comes with Smart Technology design, that means are able to set the box for automatic operation. By smartphone app, you can monitor the box or feed your plants with WIFI grow cam and app-controlled smart timers. This product also comes with carbon Filter, digital thermometer & hygrometer, adjustable inline fan, etc.

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#3 ANDRAM Grow Tent for Hydroponics Indoor Growing

This is the simple, standard grow chamber for hydroponic plants if you are looking for an affordable option. ANDRAM grow tent is lined with reflective polyester film on the inside, which not only prevent light leaking but also increase the light efficiency and power. The outer layer of the tent is made from water-proof, tear-resistant, durable high-quality canvas fabric. Aside from the material, the tent is supported by the sturdy metal corner adapters and telegraph poles. They’re strong and long-lasting, simple to install and don’t require any tools. The tent also ensure well ventilation thanks to dual cinching duct holes and rectangle vents with mesh. Generally, there is nothing outstand or special features from this tent, but it is one of the best solution, low-cost grow chamber that are perfect for indoor gardening.

#4 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

The reason why this grow tent called 2-in-1 tent is that it has 2 small chambers and 1 large tent room, which make the independents room for different grow stages. That means, you do not need to wait your plants finish their grow cycle to start the new season, 3 separate room for propagation, growth, and blooming stage at the same time. You can maximum your yield with this tent.

The tent frame is made of sturdy metal poles and the tent material is water-proof, double-stich 600D canvas. The inner layer of VIVOSUN 2-in-1 grow tent is 98%-reflective mylar, which blocking all the light and boosting the light intense inside the tent.

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#5 VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete System

Another product from VIVOSUN but it is not simple a tent but also a complete kit that comes with everything you will need to grow plants indoor right away. This tent is quite large with the dimensions are 3×3 ft. The kit provides a lot of functions such as Complete System: floor tray, 4-inch inline fan, VS2000 LED grow light, temperature humidity meter, trellis netting, 5-Pack of 5-gallon grow bags, shears, a timer.

VS2000 full-spectrum LED grow lights is power enough to mimic the natural sunlight throughout your plant growth life. Multiple vent holes, adjustable fan, and carbon filter are work together to reduce any odor and provide fresh air inside the tent.

#6 Quictent Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the most affordable grow tent available making it the ideal grow chamber for growers who have limited budget. This simple tent available in 7 different sizes for you to choose the perfect one that fit your space. The most outstanding features is that this tent comes with 2 years guarantee, which implies that this tent is affordable but still reliable. It is made of Extra-thick 600D Oxford Cloth for the outside cover and 98% reflective PET Silver Mylar for the inside layer. Additionally, it is designed with a heavy-duty zipper, which strengthen the grow tent, keep it secure and also blocking the light. The tent comes with observation window and removable floor tray, to complete your hydroponic system, you will have to buy other equipment separately