Soulmates Cameron and Denise combine engergies and passions on this day to invite you to Embrace your ability to find Mindfulness in this Guided Meditation and Instruction session led by 4 time Astro Projection Meditation Master, Cam Herndon, while Intuitive Empath and Certified Energy healer, HHP, Denise Devine, Works, Organizes and Calms the Energies around you. Experience the magic of two powerfully connected souls holding intent for you.

In todays ever busy, Negative, EMF filled World, it’s ever inccreasingly more difficult to tap into our own natural abilities to Meditate- to find Mindfulness. So come experience our gift to you, a gift that you can take with you into your home and work-life to start integrating next level meditation practices to promote clearer thought, stress relief, stress management abilities, higher productivity and as Cam calls it, potentially reach ‘Bulletproof’ coping strategies to help keep your cup fill so that you may bless others.

As deeply spiritual Professional and Natural Teachers and Healers Cam and Denise are enthusiastic about the possibility of increasing the quality of your life, and aiding in awakening and raising the vibrations of our World, one person at a time. So, whether you are interested in the spiritual aspect of this encounter or the hard science of the benifits of effectively meditating, this event is for you.

Please Note:

This event will be held in a quiet, public outdoor location to enjoy the healing benefits of nature. Please bring a yoga mat, and or comfortable chair to rest on. You will want to accomplish entire relaxation, a small pillow is also okay. Dress Comfortable!