Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Review – Very Potent AK47 Selection With Highest THC

The cannabis world is incredibly rich and there are so many cannabis strains available out there that may astound you. And Tutankhamon is such a cannabis strain. Tutankhamon, aka King Tut, is a descendant of the AK-47 line. It is one of the strongest strains in the world and is known to provide a lot of energy thanks to its 27-30% THC level.

This cannabis strain also provides a huge yield for growers, so growers can make big profits with Tutankhamon. Tutankhamon is not only the top famous cannabis seed of Pyramid Seeds but this cannabis strain is also praised by the international market.

In this Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon review, we’ll give growers everything they need to know about this cannabis strain. Beginner growers should grasp these information as they will be useful for your crop.

Tutankhamon Origin

As we mentioned at the beginning, Tutankhamon is the offspring of the AK-47. This well-known genetics shows potential strength and offers exceptional value to both smokers and growers. That is why veteran growers often tend to choose Tutankhamon over some other hybrid strains of the same line.

It is a 60% sativa and 40% indica plant, making it a very good parent plant for cuttings. Grouped under the name sativa, this variety is very different from the others because of its high level of strength. Its power can completely overwhelm careless users, and certainly with its massive THC content, Tutankhamon is not for beginners.

Tutankhamon Effects

Unlike the AK-47’s soothing effect, Tutankhamon is actually a powerful machine that can take down any careless user. Tutankhamon is one of the top THC cannabis strains so it’s going to be a huge hit. As a Sativa plant, Tutankhamon tends to bring about stronger mental rather than physical effects.

With just the initial few puffs of fine smoke, growers will experience an immediate change in mental and mood. Negative thoughts will be gradually eliminated, replaced by excitement and happiness. This effect will only increase over time, and at its peak you will feel completely happy.

However, this effect does not completely dominate your mind. You can stay awake while your mood is elevated, and still be aware of your surroundings. However, use it in moderation and in moderation. It is not good to use too much because it can cause side effects on your nerves. New smokers are also advised not to start with Tutankhamon.

Tutankhamon Fragrance & Flavors

Tutankhamon is truly a unique and complex flavor cannabis strain. You will be able to find a wide variety of smells and flavors in this strain and each stage will reveal a different taste. The most noticeable is the smell of dampness and the smell of earth. But this pungent and fishy smell will quickly be neutralized by a fresh floral scent. This combination will remind you of a flower garden early in the morning.

The skunky flavor combined with fruit will make you fall in love from the first sip of smoke. The citrus flavor leaves a rather sweet aftertaste mixed with a bit of sourness in the throat. It’s like you’re drinking a juice with strange flavors, but surprisingly it’s actually delicious.

Tutankhamon Medical

Not only does Tutankhamon have recreational value, but this strain also offers recognized medical values. It is especially helpful for patients with depression, mental health disorders like PTSD, and many other mental related illnesses. Thanks to its uplifting effects, Tutankhamon can bring happiness, improve mood, and eliminate stress. This effect is very useful in the treatment of mental illnesses.

In addition, with 40% Indica genetics, Tutankhamon has a mild analgesic effect. While it can’t completely relieve pain, it will make your pain more tolerable. Tutankhamon can also increase concentration and clear the mind.

Tutankhamon Growing & Yield

The good news for beginner growers is that Tutankhamon is fairly easy to grow. Tutankhamon seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of the environment, Tutankhamon will grow into compact plants and tend to develop many branches and small branches. This is an advantage for growers who do not have a large space to grow indoors, or growers who want to avoid prying eyes when growing cannabis outdoors.

For beginner growers, we recommend growing Tutankhamon seeds in controlled environments, indoors is best. Growers can grow seeds in the ground, or hydroponics is more ideal. Growers do not require special technique or care as Tutankhamon is not a susceptible strain of cannabis. Growers can use SOG method to shorten flowering time and increase yield. Plants will mature usually after about 8 weeks.

For growers who choose to grow Tutankhamon seeds outdoors, the plants will be ready to harvest in September in the northern latitudes or March in the southern hemisphere. Plants are modest in size, and the smell is not too strong, so growers can easily hide. Of course plants grown outdoors can reach full height, so growers can use LST and HST techniques to manage their height.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, growers need careful pruning because the plant’s dense branches and leaves can cause mold and other moisture-related diseases. With good care, growers can completely get the highest yield, about 500g/m² indoors and up to 1500g/plant outdoors.

Where to Buy Tutankhamon Seeds?

There are now many online seed banks offering Tutankhamon seeds at competitive prices. However, it is important for growers to choose a reputable online seed bank and provide good service to be worthy of their investment.

We have had experience buying Tutankhamon seeds at various online seed banks. And now we will introduce you to the best places to buy Tutankhamon cannabis seeds based on real previous experiences. These names include: